Justin Krause

justin.j.krause@gmail.com · (707) 786-3622

Overview: Curious, entrepreneurial human working at the intersection of finance & technology. Combines full-stack technical skills with broad experience across functions.

Consultant & Developer
2019 - Present

I work with dynamic teams to develop their analytics stack and drive growth. I provide consulting services and a custom analytics portal designed to help B2B companies turn their data into a competitive advantage.

2017 - February 2019
San Francisco

Co-created Pod, a venture-backed startup building a relationship-oriented iOS calendar. Responsible for back-end software, business operations, and analytics. Collaborated on design and strategy. The app was sold to a French company and has been re-branded.

Head of Business Systems
2012 - 2017
San Francisco

Built and managed business technology at Asana, as the team grow from 30 to over 200 employees. Started as a generalist and later led a team of 8 developers and analysts delivering full-stack business intelligence and technology to the marketing, sales, customer operations, and finance teams.

Ascend Capital
Investment Associate
2009 - 2011
San Francisco

Supported an investment lead at a long/short US equity hedge fund managing over $3b in assets. Met with analysts and management teams, built out data tooling, and performed company and industry analysis, focusing on consumer staples.


Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Science in Economics, with honors
2005 - 2009

Was a teaching assistant for an introductory class in Operations and Information Management, and spent four years in student government on the Wharton Council.


Business: Strategy · Management · Data Architecture & Analysis · Financial Modeling · Digital Marketing · Energetic Presentations

Technical: Programming Languages (Python, SQL, Javascript) · Data Warehousing & ETL (BigQuery, Redshift) · Cloud Computing (Google Cloud, AWS) · Front-end Web Technology (HTML, JS, CSS, and many frameworks) · Content Mangement Systems · Customer Relationship Management (Salesforce) · Conversion Optimization · Search Engine Marketing & Optimization · Email Marketing (Transactional & Bulk) · Business Intelligence (Jupyter, Looker, Periscope, Google Data Studio)